Our Missions

The proof is in the data: in 2 years, (RE)SET has disrupted the status quo in more than 10 strategic industries: packaging, cosmetics, furniture, textiles, IT, agri-food, construction, publishing, commercial equipment, waste, and many more. Our programs and missions enable the conceptualization, testing, production, and commercialization of new products and services that are competitive and compliant with the regulations of tomorrow. Doing more with less, reconciling the end of the world with the end of the month, being green and efficient. As unique clients or through consortiums, we break down barriers to enable knowledge and actions to achieve collective gains: “collaboration is the new competition”. 

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The countdown has begun !

The law on waste and the circular economy has fixed objectives for brands and distributors: a 20% reduction of single use plastics, of which 50% should be enabled by reusage.  

Solutions exist. Be they in reuse, reduction, new materials, or recycling relevant to your industry, consumers and distribution networks, they are available. (RE)SET is at your side to support and guide you in your economic and industrial transformation, ensuring that your investments are aligned with your supply chain. 


Reconciling the end of the world with the end of the month, this is the challenge of Eco-mobilier, the eco-organism of the furniture industry. 

In recent years, mass production has lowered manufacturing costs in the furniture industry, albeit with an impact on the lifetime of products. Furniture is produced from materials with low reuse or recyclability potentials, such as chipboards and plastics. As a consequence, they can only live one life… 

With 2,65 million tons in France, furniture represents the 3rd largest waste category after packaging and paper. The furniture industry, with the support of (RE)SET, is committed to a circular transformation to reduce its environmental footprint: diagnosis of materials, identification of innovators and disruptors, industrial pilots! 


74 million textile fibers are produced yearly in the world, of which 1/3 are natural fibers, 2/3 are chemical fibers, and less than 1% are transformed into new fibers after usage. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck’s worth of clothes are sent to landfills or incinerated. Textiles and their associated industries emit more CO2 than the air and maritime transport sectors combined. 

In view of these realities, the industry is self-coordinating and committing to various circular objectives. (RE)SET is working hand in hand with key players: The Fashion Pact, Decathlon, and more… 


90% of global exchanges of goods are carried out by sea, and sea transport remains at the heart of international trade. This sector however, is responsible for 2,5% of global GHG emissions, placing it as crucial component in the context of the environmental transition taking place. 

In this context of change, French ports are confronted with a dual challenge: stimulating their competitiveness against international players, all whilst committing to sustainable development. 

(RE)SET is your dedicated partner in charting the best course during this transition.