As the first integrated consulting firm (strategy, innovation & industrial deployment, consultation) dedicated to the environmental and economic transition, our interventions are resolutely turned towards results and concrete actions. We translate your corporate commitments into business models, innovations, and investment plans. 

We are those who will help you act

Because the rules of the game have changed. At your side, we question archaic models and existing processes. We will transform your economic and industrial standards into more resilient ones, to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our horizon: 360 degrees and no less.

We operate at the macro and the micro levels, at 360 degrees. Our multidisciplinary team can respond to the plurality of changes caused by the environmental transition, as there are many by nature: changes in organization, financing, materials, chemistry, industrial tools, marketing, norms. We leave nothing aside. 

A sprint mode for our proven methodologies

Dynamic, knowledgeable, systemic, operational, we work in sprint mode. From the diagnosis to the elaboration of a strategy, from the sourcing and design of innovative materials to industrial pilots, and of course through a comprehensive consultation of stakeholders. 

A quality, multidisciplinary team to respond to your needs

Because the transition is a global issue, our teams bring transdisciplinary competencies to highlight your challenges: material engineers, strategy consultants, innovation consultants, entrepreneurs, investors…

The transition is kaleidoscopic, so is our team!

With us, your teams will no longer act alone, they will hunt as a pack to succeed.