What does the future of the textile industry look like?

Between 2000 and 2014, textile production doubled and the textile industry became the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. At this speed, the fashion sector will be responsible for 26% of GHGs emitted in the world in 2050 (vs. between 2% and 10% in 2021), for 20% of the water pollution and for the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles poured into the oceans each year.

But we will never stop dressing, so we must produce clothing differently!

Come and meet us at PRODURABLE tomorrow with all the leaders that are making changes in the fashion industry :

Because yes, the textile industry is changing and acknowledging its environmental impact. The sector encourages actors to go from words to deeds. For this reason, it is a sector driven by innovation: the production of new fibers with less environmental impact, the automatization of textile recycling (nowadays, only 1% of our clothes are recycled into new clothing), or the designing of new production processes (that lead to the potential reindustrialization of France) are just some examples of the innovative capacity of the fashion industry.

It is our duty to collectively change this subject; it is our conviction that we can only do it together!

Géraldine Poivert, CEO of THE (RE)SET COMPANY, will facilitate a round table discussion on the future of the textile industry, hosted by Bpifrance.

At her side, will intervene:
Sylvie Bénard, President of PARIS GOOD FASHION
Fabien Cambon, Technical and Innovation Director at Eco-mobilier
Maxime Delavallee, Co-Founder and CEO of CrushON
Damien Pellé, Director of Sustainable Development and CSR at Galeries Lafayette

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