The coalition bringing together 60 major players in the fashion and textiles industry is calling on (RE)SET, a company specialising in the circular economy and founded only 18 months ago, to help win the battle against unnecessary plastics that pollute the oceans. This is a major challenge that must be met in record time, and one that will rely on (RE)SET's expertise and network of innovators.

Fashion makes its move
Industry players are accelerating their transition to significantly reduce the negative impacts of their activities on the oceans. The (RE)SET programme for The Fashion Pact will support the consortium members, working alongside innovators, to get things moving. They will aim to eliminate hazardous and unnecessary plastics, disrupting existing models in just a few months. The overall objective: to implement concrete, effective and high-performance solutions for all members of The Fashion Pact.

"The trust that The Fashion Pact has placed in us today for the disposal of hazardous and unnecessary plastics is a great responsibility, given the ecological issues at stake. At (RE)SET, we have the ability to get the players in the same value chain working together and put in place the tools to take action. Our programmes are firmly focused on concrete results that change the rules of the game. This is also the ambition of The Fashion Pact, which we are proud to support", states Géraldine Poivert, Co-founder and CEO of (RE)SET.

The objectives of the (RE)SET programme for The Fashion Pact: 
1. Eliminate single-use plastic by 2025 for B2C packaging and by 2030 for B2B packaging. 
2. Ensure that at least half of all packaging is 100% recycled by 2025 for B2C and by 2030 for B2B.

A tried and tested method
To succeed in this genuine revolution, (RE)SET for The Fashion Pact will draw on tried and tested methods from previous open-innovation programmes for the retail and furniture sectors: circular diagnostics to identify obstacles to overcome, innovative sourcing to integrate new materials and sustainable technologies, and open-innovation programmes to prepare industrial pilots.
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