Only 41% of European plastic packaging is recycled.
Multimaterial packaging constitutes the biggest untapped potential for a plastic-free packaging future.
This is what we decided to address with R3PACK !
The EU-funded Horizon Europe R3PACK consortium gathers 24 organisations from 7 different countries, bringing together key actors of the food value chain, from the packaging manufacturer to the retailer, combined with experts in the food sector, from companies providing innovative solutions to Universities.
Within R3PACK, (RE)SET will take care of the consortium's coordination, in order to secure fast and extensive uptake of industrially relevant, cross-sectorial, cost-effective innovative technologies and allow immediate substitution of complex multilayer plastic packaging with high performing fiber-based packaging.
Stay tuned !

Aarhus University - ALTHO BRETS - BIM Kemi - Bioextrax AB - Candia (Coopérative Sodiaal) - Carrefour - Europe Snacks France - FiberLean Technologies - Floréale Holding - Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV GASCOGNE - GUILLIN EMBALLAGES - Innovhub-Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria - ISTC-CNR - Groupe LSDH – Politecnico di Milano - RISE - SAFE - Safe Food Advocacy Europe Schreiber Foods - SGS Agriculture & Food - SYSTEME U - THIOLAT PACKAGING - @University of Bologna
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