Barbara Pompili, French Minister for the Ecological Transition, hailed the promising success in reducing single-use plastics with the 100% recyclable paper salad bag developed as part of the (RE)SET PACKAGING programme by Carrefour, LSDH and Sirane.

On 7 December 2020, during her visit to a Carrefour outlet in Paris, the Minister praised the various actors' commitment to finding resilient, high-performance industrial solutions that meet the new requirements of the AGEC Law (against waste and for the circular economy).

This is the goal of the (RE)SET PACKAGING programme, which since 2019 has been supporting a dozen manufacturers and retailers to turn a regulatory requirement into an opportunity to move into new, sustainable and competitive markets.

The first diagnostic phase revealed the two main obstacles to be overcome: the need for high levels of barrier properties (resistance to water vapour, light, gas, etc.) and the need for flexibility in industrial installations to incorporate materials other than plastics.

To meet these challenges, (RE)SET identified, analysed and rated several thousand innovations worldwide. Eventually, 20 were selected and invited to Paris to work hand in hand with manufacturers during two open innovation events.

It was an unprecedented success for this new ecosystem of players committed to accelerating their ecological transition: 50 promising pilots, including the one dedicated to salad bags, are currently in progress in the fields of coatings chemistry, new alternative packaging, recycling tests, etc. Watch this space!