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How our world works?

Our world is a Marvel which is perfectly engineered. Instead of talking technically, I will try here to explain things in simple words.

Comparing to other planets or Celestial bodies, our planet Earth has a protective layer around it which is made of abundance of Oxygen gas. This protective layer is known as Ozone layer. Because of this Ozone layer there is life on this planet. If this Ozone layer wasn’t present, then our planet would have been similar to other planets i.e uninhabited.

How Ozone layer is protecting us?

According to Science, if Sun rays falls directly upon the planet Earth then most of the living beings (including humans) can’t survive because sun rays consists of dangerous as well as normal radiations. These dangerous radiations are being stopped to reach on Earth’s surface by the Ozone layer.

What’s happening to the Ozone layer?

What are the consequences if the Ozone layer is absent?